Junior Tennis Academy


Wimbledon Junior Tennis is now under the direction of Joe Shahleen. For 40 years Wimbledon has trained many of the best metro area players some who have gone on to play professional tennis. Many of our players have had successful high school and collegiate tennis careers. We take great pride in developing the skills of all players of any age and ability level. From ages 3 to 18 come and join us to improve your tennis.

Our Wimbledon Tennis Staff is interested in more than making a child a tennis star. We encourage good sportsmanship and are genuinely interested in these junior growing up to be good examples to those who follow them. For those young players starting out, as well as high school competitors, we offer a program that provides healthy competition and encourages having fun.

A positive atmosphere is what we try to create, and I am dedicated to helping these juniors learn and enjoy tennis, no matter what their aspirations are.

Tennis is truly a sport for a lifetime. I encourage you to join our tradition of excellence and I look forward to doing the very best.

– Joe Shaheen


Fall 2015
September 16th to December 20th

All Junior Clinics will be fun and instructed with a positive emphasis. Along with making the clinics enjoyable, proper technique will be sressed. We encourage all students to ask for as much help as they need to improve their skills, before, during or even after the clinics. Our hope is that all juniors who are part of the tennis program, have fun, learn and love the game of tennis that has been our passion for many years.

Junior Excellence
Tuesday 4-6 PM
Thursday 4-6 PM
Saturday 12:30-2:30 PM

This Tournament Training group is for serious players of all ages with good competitive skills and tournament experience. High School players, ranked players and year-round players are welcome. Our Drill and Play format will stress footwork, serving, volleying and competition. Singles and doubles strategy developed to provide an extensive foundation for high school or college tennis. Proper technique will be worked on continuously for ground strokes and volleys

14 Weeks – Pay per time $40
Pre Pay- 10 day package $375
Pre Pay- 15 day package $540
Pre Pay- 20 day package $700

Junior Development
Tuesday 4:30-6 PM
Thursday 4:30-6 PM

This group is for junior’s ages 7 to 10, who have some experience, skills, and who can rally. The correct grips, footwork, serving technique, singles and doubles play will be stressed. Fun, competitive drills will cover all the strokes and provide a good
foundation for rapid skill improvement. Rules, scoring, match play and strategy will be introduced.

14 Weeks- Pay per time $30
Pre pay- 10 day package $280
Pre pay- 15 day package $405
Pre pay- 20 day package $525

Young Stars
Saturday 10-11 AM

Quickstart Tennis for beginning youngsters is fun and dynamic. It enables players to learn to “rally, play and compete” in a very short time. Fun drills keep students moving, hitting the ball and learning the right swings. This is a great way to begin loving a lifetime

14 Weeks- Pay per time $20
Pre Pay- 14 day package $250